Bird’s eye view

Spectacular views from the 38th floor of The Gherkin just before sunset taken quickly whilst I was working on a shoot for IFOA. This view will disappear soon enough once the construction of new skyscraper at 100 Bishopsgate begins.  

A Short walk through London

A quick stroll from my office to drop off some work to a client took me through The Barbican, past St Paul’s Cathedral, over the Millennium Bridge and around the back of Tate Modern.

Rushing through rush hour

A test run with my new Go Pro Hero3+. This is a very rough and ready time lapse test in preparation for an upcoming job over the next month. I set the Go Pro to take 1 photo every 2 seconds and then made the film sequence on Quick Time Player 7 Pro set at 12 frames per second.  

Stop jerking around

This is an extremely handy bit of kit, The Jerk Stopper. It helps prevent you from wrecking your camera when you’re shooting tethered to your laptop. Basically it locks a loop into the cable where it plugs into your camera so if it gets caught or pulled it doesn’t bend or rip out part of your SLR. The bright orange cable is also really visible so hopefully nobody will trip over it.    

On this day in history

The final frame taken at the end of a 16 day shoot in Cape Town back in February 2005. I’d spent the day in Louwrensford, a farm and vineyard outside of Cape Town. It was a real “cooker” of a day so the 2 kids we had as part of the family/outdoor living photoshoot couldn’t wait to leap forth into the lake as the sun was setting. I was sensible and stayed on dry land but I sadly missed the opportunity to snap the producer, stylist and assistant sprinting towards the water just as I put the camera down and …

Canterbury Cathedral

A brief visit to Canterbury Catherdral before I started a shoot nearby gave me a chance to take these. It’s one of those occasions where all the work is done for you by the scale and beauty of the architecture, you just point the camera and click away.


Grass, I love photographing and filming it. There are so many different varieties, shapes and sizes and it grows everywhere. When you get close up to it and in amongst it you get a really great perspective of a smaller world.